The Association

Brief History and Role

The formation of the Association of Greek Valuers started in the end of 2007 and was completed in the summer of 2009. The founding members (96 valuers) are mostly employees working for the major Greek Banks and free lancers, collaborating as well with major Greek Banks.

Currently the Association has more than 2.000 members, incorporating the vast majority of Greek valuers in its ranks.

The Association’s goal is to function as a collective body representing professional valuers and experts undertaking valuations for public and private sector entities, and to provide services aiming to upgrade the quality of valuations in Greece and the status of the valuer’s profession in the Greek economy and the society.

Principal Activities

  • Upgrading the quality of valuations in Greece by organising special training programs;
  • Promoting and advancing the profession of valuer by undertaking a range of activities, such as participation in conferences, scientific bodies, exhibitions, etc.;
  • Transmitting the experience gained by valuers and exchanging views on valuation-related issues;
  • Ongoing training for valuers;
  • Determining and advancing professional standards and best practices;
  • Translating EVS in Greek language and developing National Valuations Standards in line with EVS;
  • Formulating and applying a code of conduct;
  • Establishing a professional certification body for valuers that is recognised by the corresponding bodies in Europe and worldwide; AVAG is already an AMA granting REV status to its members that fulfill the relevant requirements of the scheme. Already 542 members have been nominated REV after successful participation in both written and oral examinations;
  • Establishing national certification schemes in cooperation with professional certification body for real estate valuers (already 405 of its members are certified valuers) and plant & machinery valuers (already 75 of its members are certified valuers). The schemes are accredited by the Greek National Accreditation Body;
  • Representing Greek valuer-members at TEGoVA;
  • Defending valuers’ work-related rights;
  • Collaborating with similar national or international bodies on issues of mutual interest.

Principal Areas of Policy

  • Upgrading the quality of valuations in Greece
  • Promoting and advancing the profession of Valuer
  • Formulating and applying a code of conduct
  • Establishing a professional certification body
  • Representing Greek valuers-members at TEGoVA


The General Meeting is the highest management body of the Association and consists of those members of the Association who have fulfilled their financial obligations [eligible members].

The Association is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors elected for a 3-year term and consisting of one (1) Chairman, one (1) Vice-Chairman, one (1) General Secretary, one (1) Treasurer and three (3) Directors; they are elected by the General Meeting of Association’s members from among the regular members, along with three (3) substitutes and do not earn any fee for their services.

The Board

President: Antigoni Dounavi REV
Vice-President: Marianthi Sfougari REV

Secretary General: Anastasios Ampatzis REV

Treasurer: Alexandros Pantoudis REV
Members of the Board: Evangelia Papaorfanou REV, Eleni Adamopoulou REV, Maria Liakou

Consultant: Christina Fotopoulou REV
Secretariat: Enepekidou Eirini – Karlioti Anna